Race Committee 12th Andalusian Championships.
Competition Jury

  • Race Director: Pablo Ruiz de Almirón Megías
  • Athletes’ representative: Rubén Vigil Chacón
  • Referee-judges: Silvia Lara
    Principal: Carlos Gómez
    Assistant: M. Jesús Ariza
    Assistant: Antonio Fernando García
  • FAM Delegate: Beatriz Escribano
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Planned timetable

  • 17:30 h: Call to the start box.
  • 18.30 h: Official Start – Andalusian Championship and  Snow Running Sierra Nevada CLASSIC.
  • 20.00 h: The return of the chips and the deposit starts. CETURSA Building.
  • 19.35 h: Approximate arrival of first runner.
  • 21:30 h: Approximate arrival of last runner.
  • 21.30 h: Prize-giving  Telecabina Cinema 

Weather forecast

Previsión meteo 2022

Compulsory equipment


ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST carry the following equipment throughout the entire race course:

The use of manufacturer-approved snow micro-crampons is mandatory for participation in the race.

Micro-crampons permitted for SkySnow competitions must have at least 10 metal spikes of 8/10mm distributed between the toe and the heel. Shoes with built-in crampons are permitted as long as they have at least 10 metal spikes of 8/10mm.

  • Photocopy of Passport (with identifying image) or ID card.
  • A headlight and a red taillight with spare batteries or a fully charged battery.
  • Clothing (upper body): 3 layers of warm clothing to fit the participant (depending on weather conditions):
    • 1st layer (inner): thermal vest (short or long-sleeve).
    • 2nd layer (middle): long-sleeve, breathable windbreaker jacket.
    • 3rd layer (outer): breathable raincoat.
  • Clothing (lower body): 2 layers (depending on weather conditions):
    • 1st layer: thermal leggings completely covering the thigh and leg. The use of cropped trousers is forbidden.
    • 2nd layer (outer): waterproof and breathable trousers.
  • Long thermal gloves.
  • Warm hat.
  • Technical shoes for mountain running, with rigid soles to anchor chains for snow running. They should include a waterproof and breathable membrane.
  • A thermal blanket of at least 1.8 m2. Modifications are not permitted after certified manufacture.
  • A reusable container for liquids (collapsible cup, can, thermos, soft flask, etc.).
  • In case of carrying energy bars, gels, etc., participants must mark them with their race number.
  • Mobile phone, turned on and fully charged. The emergency number provided by the organization’s staff during the briefing should also be saved on the phone.

In case of carrying energy bars, gels, etc., participants must mark them with their race number.

Race Course

The race course is maintained as initially proposed.

Course marking

The route will be marked with flags. Green and red flags will be interspersed in the sections with the same course for all categories.

The sections exclusively for the senior level will have green flags.

There will also be illuminated beacons, but part of the race course will be illuminated by the El Río slope floodlights.

Banderolas señalización Snow Running Sierra Nevada

Cutting times

  1. Km 2.2 – Crossing of Maribel with Levante (2503m) 19:15 h.
  2. Km 5.7 – Borreguiles (2700m) next to the first aid station at 19:55 h.
  3. Km 12.7 – Pradollano Finish Line (2100m) 21.30 h.

Safety recommendations

  • Do not leave the marked areas of the route.
  • Carry the phone with which you registered with enough battery.
  • Duty of assistance: in case of a participant who needs it
2019 Snow Running Sierra Nevada. Foto © Niccolò Guasti
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