Snow Running Sierra Nevada

Snow Running Sierra Nevada course

For the 11th Edition of the Snow Running Sierra Nevada 2022, a total distance of 12.70 km will be established, with a cumulative elevation gain of 920 m, which the participants can complete at free speed. The organization has established an 8 km route for cadets, youth, junior categories and and “Popular” modality with a cumulative elevation gain of 663 m. The common start and finish line will be placed at Pradollano.

Participants will be timed during the race from the official start until they cross the finish line.

The total distance may vary depending on the path followed by each runner and the measuring instrument.

To appear in the positions list, runners must correctly pass all the checkpoints established along the course and carry the obligatory equipment with them.

For safety reasons, three cut-off times will be established:

  •        Km 2.2 – Crossroads of Maribel Street and Levante Street (2 503 m) at 18:45.
  •        Km 5.7 – Borreguiles (2 700 m), next to the first-aid station, at 19:30.
  •        Km 12.7 – Pradollano, finish line (2 100 m) at 20:45.

The course will be signposted with directional signs, light signals, and warning lights, following the regulations in force for this type of event. Participants are responsible for studying the route beforehand. In addition, participants must check if they have been properly registered when they cross the different checkpoints and the finish line.

Any change or modification of the directional signs will be penalized. These signs are set up along the route for the participant’s safety.

In the event of adverse weather conditions, the organizers will establish an alternative course to ensure the participants’ safety.

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Cadet, juvenile, and junior categories profile Snow Running Sierra Nevada

NOTICE: these tracks do not exempt participants from knowing the course, following the direction signs, or attending the briefing.