Snow Running Sierra Nevada. Photo © Niccolò Guasti

COVID-19 measures Snow Running Sierra Nevada

Please read it carefully to enjoy the event without problems, but, above all, be RESPONSIBLE BY FOLLOWING IT to take care of yourself and the rest of the people participating in the event.


The organization of the first SkySnow Running World Championships and the 11th Edition Snow Running Sierra Nevada, has developed this Security Protocol to act against the COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

This has been based on the guidelines of the Ministry of Education and Sport of the Junta de Andalucía, for the development of the protocol for the development of the organization of activities and official federated sports competitions in Andalusia.

The following document includes all the sanitary measures necessary to minimize the possibilities of disease transmission between the organization and the participants.

The recommendations of the Spanish Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing, as well as those of the Andalusian Mountaineering Federation and those of the World Health Organization have been used.

Information regarding measures to be adopted by workers and sports technicians in the workplace:
Hand hygiene: frequent washing, hydroalcoholic gel dispensers, single-use drying material.
Social distance of at least 1.5m, and if this is not possible, use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
Use of PPE according to official regulations: masks, gloves, depending on the activities carried out and risk of contagion.
Respiratory hygiene: coughing and sneezing into the crook of the elbow, use of disposable handkerchiefs, etc.
Do not share personal objects, tools or equipment. In case of having to share them, proper disinfection should be carried out between uses.
Information regarding the measures to be followed by athletes and spectators:
Hand hygiene
Social distancing both during sports practice and among the spectators.
Use of masks whenever the distance between people is less than 1.5 m.
Do not share sports equipment (and in case of doing so, it is necessary to disinfect it between uses).
No sharing of food or beverages.
No changing rooms and showers for the race.
No mass start.
Information regarding recommendations for cleaning and disinfection of sports areas and work spaces:
Cleaning and disinfection of all common areas, toilets, materials or objects involved in the event.
Expansion of the number of recycling containers for different types of waste.
Information and awareness measures with posters, e-mail and dissemination in social networks specific to the event.

Prohibition of access to the event if the participant presents any symptom.
OBLIGATION: Wear a mask in the starting box until the judges determine that it can be removed just before the start. Then you can keep it during the entire course. Anyone not wearing a mask will not be allowed to enter the starting line.
Overtaking for maximum distance. Minimum lateral distance of 2 m, in a stretch with sufficient width and warning in advance. The runner to be overtaken shall facilitate the overtaking.
Spitting or blowing airways near other runners shall be avoided.
Groups shall be avoided at all times and if this is not possible, the safety distance of 1.5 m shall be maintained.
OBLIGATION to wear a mask at the end of the race in all common areas.
Recommend to all athletes / technicians / referees and all personnel necessary for the development of the competition the use of the tool developed by the Government Radar Covid19 so that the ordinary protocol is also activated for greater control of the pandemic.

Although the organization is only responsible for providing masks to its staff and volunteers along with a contingency amount for medical needs. All other accredited persons must bring their own equipment.
Preventive measures for staff:
They will have masks in addition to hydro-alcohol disinfectant gel.
All members of the organization and volunteers will be provided with a dossier with the mandatory measures to comply with and an action protocol.
Alcohol and soap-based hand sanitizers and handkerchiefs will be available in all common areas and especially in the medical treatment areas.
In the event that a member of the organization locates a person who is ill or suspected to be ill during the event, he/she will be transferred to an isolation area properly prepared for assessment and care by the medical responsible previously agreed with the medical authority. (Pradollano Clinic).
The competent authorities will be notified by the medical service contracted by the event in the event that a person presents symptoms compatible with COVID-19.
There will be signage in the common areas with the indication to maintain the social distance of security and hygiene protocol.

In all the defined areas where assembly teams will have to intervene, this will be programmed sufficiently in advance since it is foreseeable that the tasks will take longer to complete.
Assembly and disassembly will be programmed taking into account that some tasks will be slower in their execution.
All shared use materials will be properly sanitized after each use.
The delivery of bibs will be done in a staggered manner so as not to cause crowds among participants. In any case, both organization staff and participants will be required to wear a mask to collect their participant’s bag and the area will be provided with hydroalcoholic gel and cleaning products to disinfect the areas.
The bib pick-up area will be located in a well ventilated area with an entrance and exit door for the participants.
There will be signage indicating the basic rules of hygiene and safety in front of the COVID-19.

The organization staff and volunteers will wear masks and will have hydroalcoholic gel, as well as disinfectant cleaner for all work surfaces.
The participant who wants to leave something in the clothing locker must bring it in a bag or backpack completely closed. The organization will place a sticker or label with the bib number.
The clothing locker will be located in a ventilated area.
All participants accessing the clothing locker must wear a mask.
The full informative/technical content will be provided through telematic systems and a time slot will be available for questions/answers.
The physical space in which this activity takes place must comply with the capacity and protection standards established by the regulations at the time of the activity. Access will only be allowed to the necessary staff of the organization, referees, coaches, technicians representing athletes and technical support staff. If other less restrictive regulations are in force at the time of the event, they will be adapted to the permitted capacity.

Perfectly delimited areas will be guaranteed for:

Pre-start area (call and material check).
Start area
Arrival area
Post-finish area (final refreshment).
These areas will be separated from the general public and only duly accredited persons will be allowed in them.

Athletes will wear the corresponding mask, correctly placed. They must carry the mask with them (stored) throughout the competition to be able to put it on at any time and under any circumstances.


Wear a mask in the starting box until the judges determine that it can be removed just before the start. Then you can keep it during the entire course. Anyone not wearing a mask will not be allowed to enter the starting line.

The width of the finishing straight and the inner passage of the arch shall not be less than 4 meters, in order to facilitate a parallel sprint without invading safety spaces.
As soon as the participant arrives at the finish line, he/she must put on the mask.
It will be agile without standing in the area and passing to the delivery of his souvenir finisher and the provisioning and then to the collection of checkroom if he had left something and return chip.
The organization staff and volunteers will wear masks and will have hydroalcoholic gel, as well as disinfectant cleaner for all work surfaces.
There will be volunteers indicating to respect the safety distance between possible public and participants. In case of public, everyone will have to wear a mask.
A special anti-doping control area will be provided in accordance with the regulations of the Spanish Agency for the Protection of Health in Sport (AEPSAD).
The interview and media area will be properly regulated.

Despite the difficulty of establishing certain parameters in competition, a series of recommendations for participants are established.

In no case will be mandatory and will not be punishable.

In general:

Keep a safe distance between athletes.
In climbs: 5 meters.
In descents: 10 meters.
On the flat: 10 meters.
Do not spit or blow your nose without the minimum distance from another person.
Avoid physical contact with other people.
Comply with all the stipulated regulations.
The passage of faster runners will be favored; for this purpose, the runner who wants to overtake, if it is a wide area, will do it laterally and warning, asking to pass 5 meters in advance. Both runners have to favor the passing maneuver, both have to be attentive. The passing runner must perform this maneuver with speed.

In areas difficult to pass, technical trails, the runner shall also be warned 5 meters in advance. The runner who is going to be passed must favor it, move far enough away, slow down, if necessary stop and stand with his back to the runner who is passing, that is to say, favor and achieve the distance.

The runner to be passed shall avoid slowing down or impeding the passage.

Running in groups shall be avoided, there may be similar rhythms, but always with a distance of 2.5 meters from each other.

In this special situation in which we find ourselves, the management of refreshments is complex and, therefore, measures must be taken that best guarantee both the sustainability of their management and the protection of the health of all those involved.

As a general rule, participants are required to carry their own drinking container. Not only to protect everyone’s health, but also to protect the environment.

In the liquid and solid refreshments:

All the organization staff and volunteers of the refreshment area will be wearing masks and will have hydroalcoholic gel in the area, as well as disinfectant cleaner for all work surfaces.
The refreshment will be self-service in individual bags or handled by personnel with protection and training regarding food handling, minimizing the presence and contact of organizational staff. The time spent in the final refreshment area will be the minimum necessary to collect food and beverages and will be moved to a larger space as quickly as possible.
Drinks will be served directly to the containers to be carried by each participant.
There will be a larger exhibition area so that participants are more distanced from each other.
There will be containers for waste.
The organization will be sanitizing, during the course of the passage of the runners, the liquid tanks, especially in the opening and closing area.
The refreshment area will be reserved exclusively for the participants and there will be no public in them.

They will have to respect the safety distances and wear masks at all times.

It is obvious that the awarding of prizes and distinctions is one of the highlights of any competition.

However, we must be aware of the need to maintain protective measures and avoid contact and crowds.

Access to the awards ceremony will be restricted to organization personnel, athletes, media and authorities. Trying that their number is the minimum necessary and respecting the security distances.

It will be a clean and sanitized area.
An area complementary to the podium will be set up for the waiting of athletes and authorities.
The schedule and awards ceremony will be announced.
The classifications will be made known through telematic and other complementary means.

We will have 1 ambulance and a mobile ICU, two emergency physicians and nurse. In case of people with symptoms, they will be referred directly to them.
Notification protocol (telephone, location data) and referral in case of suspicion of a case (information to be transmitted, tracking of the group of people with possible contagion). For these cases, the information collected during registration with the localization form may be used.
Isolation of the affected person until transfer:
In case of detection in the Pradollano Departure Area, he/she will be taken to the Pradollano Clinic.
Preliminary identification of contacts: through the registration forms.