Snow Running 2019 ©Niccolò Guasti

Snow Running Sierra Nevada Classic course

The total distance will be approximately 12.70km with a cumulative ascent of 920m, to be run at the speed the participant desires.

The time taken by each participant to complete the course from the official start until they cross the finish line will be timed and recorded.

The total distance of the course may vary depending on the measuring device of each runner and the trajectory he/she follows during the race.

An essential condition for appearing in the list of classifications is for the runner to have crossed the finish line having correctly passed all the checkpoints established for the race and carrying all the obligatory material detailed by the organisers in the official race regulations.

The route will be clearly signposted with directional indications in accordance with the regulations established for this type of event. It is the participant’s responsibility to study the route beforehand and to actively check that his/her passing of the checkpoints and crossing of the finish line have been properly recorded.

The alteration or modification of the markers and signposting placed along the route will be penalised. Respect and care for these elements ensure the safety of the rest of the participants.

The organisers will establish an alternative route that, in the event of adverse weather conditions, guarantees the safety of the participants.

It is compulsory for all participants to read the technical information prior to the race, which will remind them of the established route, as well as any possible changes to it. It will be published on the day of the race before 17.15 PM on the official website of the event.

Perfil Clásica Snow Running Sierra Nevada 2023

For safety reasons, three cut-off times will be established:

  • Km 2.2 – Crossing of Maribel with Levante (2503m) 19:15 h.
  • Km 5.7 – Borreguiles (2700m) next to the first aid station at 19:55 h.
  • Km 12.7 – Pradollano Finish Line (2100m) 21.30 h.

NOTICE: these tracks do not exempt participants from knowing the course, following the direction signs, or attending the briefing.