2020 Snow Running Sierra Nevada. Foto Luis Ordoñez

Commitment to respect and care for the environment in the Snow Running Sierra Nevada

Obligations of runners related to the Respect and Care of the Natural Environment

The race takes place within the Sierra Nevada Natural Park.

Both during their training sessions and the race itself, participants must:

  • Respect the environment, do not damage the park’s natural, geological or cultural resources.
  • Respect the established route marked out by the organisation and not stray from it.
  • DO NOT dispose of rubbish (waste, wrappers, food, or equipment) except for in the bins provided by the organisation.
  • In case of carrying energy bars, gels, etc., participants must mark them with their race number and show them to the adjudicators or the organising staff upon request.
  • Denounce disrespectful environmental behaviour of other runners.


The organisation will enforce strict compliance with these rules, including the application of the stipulated sanctions where necessary. The organising staff (race director, timekeeper, adjudicators and those in charge of checkpoints) will decide the time sanction to be issued according to the advantage obtained and the damage caused.

Actions punishable by sanction or even disqualification:

  • Disposing of waste on the course.
  • Leaving waste outside the bins provided in the provisioning areas.
  • Leaving the established route or taking short cuts.
  • Marking the course with paint or other indelible elements.
  • Not carrying the required identification (race number and identification code).

Environmental rules for those present

People cannot walk on the slopes due to the nocturnal nature of the event and the use of the area for other activities (night skiing).

For the environment’s safety, spectators can only stay in the areas signposted next to the start and finish line at Pradollano. They can also watch the race from the free access area at Borreguiles-Nevasol, accessible by cable-car (the cable-car service is not free).

Carpooling is advisable to reduce the CO2 footprint. The organization will provide free access to the covered parking lot at Sierra Nevada Mountain and Ski Resort.

Please, avoid noise emissions in the natural environment. Pyrotechnics is forbidden.

Please, do not alter the fauna and flora. Do not capture, collect, damage, or intentionally disturb the species of this habitat.

Do not damage the geological environment and the soil. Please, use the paths and tracks and avoid cross-country walking.  By doing this, we will respect the environment and avoid accidents.

All those present must be responsible for the waste generated and recycle it. Please, if you see any waste, collect it, and report any negligent environmental behaviour of other people.

Please, do not light matches or cigarettes. Otherwise, extinguish them carefully and throw the cigarette butts into the bins.

The race takes place at the Sierra Nevada Natural Park. Enjoy its winter landscape during the last hours of daylight and the first hours of the night.