Snow Running Sierra Nevada. Foto © Luis Conte

Vacant places draw for the Snow Running Sierra Nevada

Vacant places (from the returns made until 20 January 2021) for the Snow Running Sierra Nevada will be drawn on 21 January at noon. The draw will take place at the office of Mamut Sierra Nevada (Cenes de la Vega, Granada).

Addressees: Everyone registered in the 10th Edition of the Snow Running Sierra Nevada 2021 with a bib number assigned at that date. The deadline for registration is on 20 January.

Draw procedure: Before the draw, the organization will assign each participant an ID number.

The platform will establish a random relationship between the personal ID numbers and the vacant places. Each place will have an ID number assigned too.

At the end of the draw, there will be a correspondence between the gift ID and the winning bib number. This system ensures no more than one gift per bib number.


  • The draw is public, which means that any participant can attend. However, there is a maximum capacity allowed in the Mamut Sierra Nevada office due to the COVID-19 protocol.
  • The list of participants who have obtained a place will be posted on the official website, on 21 January 202 at 13:00.
  • Sportmaniacs registration platform will send an e-mail from the account to all participants who have obtained a place with the instructions for the registration (mail servers may classify this message as spam).
  • Those participants who have obtained a place must formalize their registration before 23:59 on 24 January 2021. Otherwise, their place will be left vacant and at the disposal of the organization.